Pork Kebabs

Hello guys!

It’s been a bit hectic at work – my full time job as a customer relations advisor at Kurt Geiger – and busy weekends chilling out with my best bitches.

We’ve thrown out our old BBQ, so until we replace it with a new one, I got to use the grill for my BBQ style recipes.

This weekend I got some nice camera lied red onion pork sausages from lovely Waitrose – you see I only shop at Waitrose at the beginning of the month.. When my bank account is still popping with sssshmoney. And of course my obsession for courgette salad will never die, so I have made a nice fresh courgette and feta cheese salad to go with my pork sausages kebab!

For the pork sausage kebabs, I’ve cut the sausage into pieces.. 3 chunks of cut sausage per stick! So if you get a pack of 6 sausages, you can make 6 kebab sticks, that could be a nice meal for two people! One whole red onion cut into chunks and one red pepper cut into pieces – I wanted to use vegetable that would bring some life to the dish.. The bad thing about being on Atkins, the color of the food can be a bit boring!

I’ve put the kebabs in the grill until the meat was cooked.. I like when the vegetables still have a bit of crunch. While this is cooking, I’m using my baby Benriner (vegetable spiralizer) and cutting the courgettes in long thin strands. I’ve seasoned it with salt, black truffle olive oil and garlic.


You can use any meat for the kebabs, if you have left over burger meat from BBQ or other vegetables you can also use that too! Good thing about my recipes, it’s to YOUR taste. I’m here to guide you and give you ideas!

Please try them at home and let me know how it goes!

Much love, Ana xx

Eggs and Ham

About two years ago I applied to go on “First Dates” – and they called be for an audition last October.

They asked me about the things I am passionate about, and I said cooking and food. (Obvi.. Food inever cheats on you… Now your bathroom scales.. You can’t trust that creep!)

They asked me how I would relate love and food. I said “Eggs! Eggs are the perfect methaphor.. They are hard enough if you leave them alone but you need to handle it with care because they are still fragile! Some people like poached, others prefer scrambled.. You just need to find someone that likes poached eggs like you do and if they don’t, they better be willing to compromise, otherwise you’re wasting your eggs!”

Anyway, I do love eggs, and it’s a easy go to food.. I always have eggs in my kitchen!

I call this Egg nest with Parma ham! This recipe takes literally no more than 10minutes (if you have an electrical whisk!)

I’ve seperated the yolk to the whites (see.. You can save the yolk for the Bag’hole recipe!) and beat the whites until peak.

Add some Parmesan cheese (I’m going to say to your taste.. There’s never enough cheese in the world for me!), and some black pepper. You spoon the mixture to some parchment paper and shape it as you wish. I rolled some Parma ham and put it in the centre of the mixture. You can cut up the Parma ham or use fried bacon/pancetta and sprinkle on top instead of you want.

Make sure the oven is preheated on a high temperature and put the egg nest in the oven to bake for about 7/8 min – please keep an eye on it, the outside should be brown and they should have risen a bit when it’s done.

I’ve served mine with some rocket salad, but I’m sure you can get a piece of buttered toast and it would be equally delicious.

Have a great hump day!

Ana x