Pappardelle Bolognaise 

I have a bit of an addictive/perfectionist personality.. So when I attempt to make something, I want to be able to make it in my sleep… So as you can tell, it’s the second day consequetive that I’m making this pappardelle pasta.


  In this instance I have made the pasta with roughly 100gr of 00 pasta flour and 1 free range egg – the pasta was enough for 1 big portion.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Borough Market for the first time (it’s food heaven) and got a few different French cured sausages. For the normal Ana, I would have finished the sausages in a heartbeat, however in this occasion one of the sausages is made of donkey meat and pork.. And not knowing which ones are which, I’m playing Russian roulette with a donkey sausage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about trying new meats, but there’s something about knowing that it’s donkey that makes me gag.. Haha

For the bolognaise sauce, I’ve raided my freezer and found qorn minced meat, so I have added this to my bolognaise, which is just basically one onion, half of French cured (hopefully not donkey) sausage, qorn mince and a tin of tomatoes.

I’ve cooked the pasta twice, both times for no more than 2 min, then added the pasta to the bolognaise!

I’m definitely going to make more pappardelle, I feel like a seafood one id needed!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or give me any suggestions!

Ana x

Homemade Pappardelle

I tried to make pasta for the first time today and I loved it.. It’s definitely my new addiction.

I was watching “two greedy Italians” on food channel as you do, and they were making homemade pasta with pesto sauce… I have been dreaming of homemade pasta ever since..

Today I made some lamb ribs, and since I had so much left over tomato sauce from the ribs, I have decided to save this for pasta sauce.. Like a cheating lamb ragu.. All the flavors of lamb but no meat just tomato sauce!

Since I haven’t bought a good scale yet, all measurements were done by eye and roughly how I would think pasta feels like

Homemade pappardelle

I used roughly 200gr of 00 flour and two free range eggs. Hand mixed the mixture like it was play dough, and rolled it with a glass – since I don’t have a rolling pin either… Once it’s thin enough that you can blow it off from your bench (trick learnt from the Italian gents) your pasta should be ready to be cut. I’ve cut mine with a pizza cutter.

Once your pasta is all cut in pieces, boil a pot of water and season it with salt to your taste. I’ve cooked the pasta for 1 minute and then rinsed it in cold water, this should helpremove the flour from pasta. Change the water in the pot and boil it again, once this is boiled, cook your pasta for another 2 minute and a half (or longer I like my pasta al dente).

In a sauce pan, heat your chosen sauce and add your pasta in for 30seconds.

Serve your homemade pappardelle with freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Homemade pappardelle with lamb ragu

I hope you enjoy your meal

Ana x