Last night’s dinner

Yesterday, I was a bit homesick and all I wanted was salt and pepper ribs with Chinese sausage and rice.

This is what it looks like (thanks google for the images)


Because I’m a bad half-Asian, I barely have any Chinese condiments to make these yummy stuff.. So I’ve decided to make my own westernized version.

Sticky spicy ribs with European rice (got borlotti beans and French sausage so we’ll stick to European!)

The ribs were baked with a tomatoes, agave, soya sauce, Worcester sauce, chili powder, salt snd pepper.

For the rice, I used wholegrain, a whole onion, French cured sausage and black olives. I cooked the rice in knorr beef stock pot.


I’m a terrible teacher, I don’t use measurements, I cook everything by eye so I couldn’t tell exact quantities! I’ll try to do better next!

Ana x

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